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COFFEE is an award-winning immersive innovation agency focused on reimagining how brands connect with people, while pushing the boundaries of possibility in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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Equal parts creative thinkers, strategists and technologists, we take a multidisciplinary approach to bridge the digital and physical worlds, evolve the consumer experience and create the unexpected for our clients and brands across the globe. We combine art and science to deliver cutting-edge solutions that drive meaningful results.

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Biometric Emotional Recognition, Virtual Reality, Immersive 360° Video, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Gesture and Voice Recognition, Augmented Reality, Metaverse and Web3, NFTs

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Rich Media Production, Audience and Publisher Solutions, AI Powered Insights, Real-time Data Capture and Reporting

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Live Event Production, Experiential Strategy + Sponsorships, Content + Programming Development, Custom Material Fabrication, Staffing + Logistics


Our Featured Work.

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MTV Video Music Awards

Partnered with Viacom and Burger King to bring an interactive Augmented Reality performance directly into viewers' homes during the 2020 Video Music Awards. Users were able to bring the experience to life through an interactive light show and flame effects, creating their own, one-of-a-kind Lil Yachty x The King performance. WATCH THE RECAP


A one-of-a-kind virtual boutique for pets. Users could take a photo of their pet or upload their own through the experience to try out different costumes through the power of AR. TRY THE DEMO

Kroger Chefbot

Partnered with Kroger and 360i to develop Chefbot as part of Kroger's Zero Hunger | Zero Waste initiative to create a solution to reduce food waste while also driving digital engagement from consumers. WATCH THE RECAP

Invesco QQQ Hoops AR with Grant Hill

Developed an AR Pop-A-Shot game for Invesco QQQ to engage fans wherever they are. A hologram of NCAA legend Grant Hill greeted users in their homes, prompting them to show their hoop skills and earn as much digital dough as possible within 30 seconds. DEMO THE GAME

Pepsi Made for Football Watching AR

An AR experience that allowed fans across the Northeast to bring some of their favorite football players right into their homes, pumping them up for game day with locally relevant recipes to enjoy while their team takes the field. WATCH DEMO REEL

The UPS Store

An expansion of The UPS Store’s footprint into the metaverse, located in Decentraland, a virtual reality platform. The "Helping You Be Unstoppable Store" will provide small business owners with exclusive content, tips, and advice. DEMO IN THE METAVERSE

Ball x LA Chargers

An interactive augmented reality experience that tells the story of recycling in a fun and visually appealing way and allowed fans to walk up to a larger-than-life aluminum cup kiosk and turn themselves into the Aluminum Charger. Participants were provided a QR code to download and share a video of themselves with some of their favorite players. WATCH DEMO REEL

Nickelodeon Blimptastic Voyage

An interactive game where KCAs host, Kenan Thompson, takes fans on a Blimptastic Voyage! A race against the clock through various environments ranging from Hollywood to outer space all the way to the Kids' Choice Awards in New York City. DEMO THE GAME

Jersey Mike's Boardwalk Arcade

An interactive gaming experience for on-site activations. Guests interacted with a kiosk featuring touchless, motion sensor technology to select and play one of the three custom-built games. By using gesture, guests threw a football, raced to the end zone, or created their favorite Jersey Mike’s submarine, all in AR. DEMO ON MOBILE

New York Life Memorable Moments

Leveraging body tracking technology to develop a gesture controlled touchless experience that allowed fans to create their very own Memorable Moment such as ”Slam Dunk” and “Net Cutting” using Augmented Reality during the Pac-12 and ACC 2022 March Madness tournaments. WATCH DEMO REEL

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